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ThErEsA's SiTe
previous complaints of the moment

Here is the grave yard of my complaint list, every complaint I ever put in complaint of the moment is in here in cronological order


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Parents suck!
need i explaine?  well i will anyways....they're too old to understand anything going through my mind, they havent been teenagers in decades, yet they think they know exactly what im going I think not!

Ok, this complaint will take a little explaining, I work part-time at Mr. Pita (its a Michigan restraunt chan, its fast food, we sell pita sandwitches).  I hate it when cusomers do any of the following,
  • Order subs, we are a pita restraunt, we do not have subs!!!
  • Order a 6 inch pita our pitas come in 7 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch, READ THE MENU!
  • Order french fries Just because we are a fast food restraunt, we do not carry french fries!  Can you smell frenchfries?  Do you see french fries on the menu?  NO!!!!!
  • Order pizza "like at little ceasers"We are a PITA restraunt, we do not carry pizza!!!!
  • Tell me after they've ordered ten pitas, "oh!  I have  a cupon for the first pita!" I do not enjoy reentering all of that information into the computer again!

None! Its Valentine's Day, and I've got a great boyfriend!

Tomorrow isn't here today!  I wanna drive!

School councliers suck...
they have totally ruined this semester for me!

The radio sucks!
I don't like the same four songs replayed over and over and over and over again....and i don't have the cash to keep buying cds.....and i cant figure out how to burn cds! 

Finals suck!
What is the point of these hour long tests, isnt the hours every night that we spend on homework enough to proove that we learned the material?  No one really cares about them at my school, kids come in with blankets, pillows, and in their pajamas. 
Finals are a joke.

Guys suck!

buying me a fucking flower doesnt make up for anything, u still screwed up