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My Trip to Ecuador/Mi Viaje a Ecuador
week 1

6-25-03 4:46 p.m.

Let me tell you about the flight here. It was two hours and 24 min. I had the middle seat (yuck!) I sat next to an overweight man to my left, and on my right there was a woman with a toddler. It wasnt the best of situations but the two of them (3 with Nicole the toddler), made good conversation. At Houston Airport I had enough time to use the bathroom, find an ATM and find my flight.

Im on my plane now, I am in the waaaaaay back (the last row!) I have an aisle seat! Im on a nonsmoking flight! Although the TV screens basically suckthis flight seems like it will be all right!


God I feel like an idiot I forgot my hoodie on my last plane!!!

Later 9:43 p.m.

Ack! I gave my host family my arrival time for my time zone!!! Im two hours early for them!!! We had to fill out these forms on the plane. Im an idiot and dont know my address!!! God Im screwed!!!


8-28-03 6:26 a.m.

Last night my plane landed around 1 a.m. Grace and her father found me all right. Her father then drove us to get something to eat. The traffic laws here are very different. There is no (posted) speed limit, and because it was so late he didnt stop at red lights (for safety reasons). There are no dashed or solid lines to divide lanes, in some areas there are curbs in the middle of the street to divide the lanes.

Graces mothers house is very small. There is no hot water here! Graces dog, Splash, sleeps in Graces room. Hes a cute dog.

I have to be careful to close my mouth and eyes in the showerbut Im not sure what to do to brush my teeth! I cant find my notarized forms, but I do have the copies

Were going out today to get me a uniform.

On Saturday were going to the Kiruba concert. Theyre a pop group all girls like the Spice Girls I guess

Later 10:40 a.m.

I think were waiting for Grace and Leos chauffeur (!) I need to buy a school uniform and were going to get Leos birthday cake. Im trying to speak in Spanish as much as possible, but its hard!

oh well

Later 6:53

There are so many stray dogs here, its sad actually. There are people at every stoplight that try and sell you goods in your car. They sell things like fruit, cell-phone holders, CDs, toy Coke trucks, etc. There are also a lot of panhandlers, and beggers at stoplights. I saw this one lady with two little girls, she was begging next to the busy street and her daughters were sleeping under a cardboard box.

Grace and Leo are both very privileged kids. Their parents give them all the money that they need (plus much more), they have a chauffeur and a cook.

Their father seems to be away on business a lot. He just got back form Sweden and hes going to Miami in a few days.

Today we went shopping for my uniform, groceries, and a cake (its Leos 14th birthday). We, (Grace, Leo and I), spent a lot of time waiting for their dad and his friend, (I forgot her name!).

There are so many policemen and guards here. They are all armed. Ive seen more guns today than I have in my whole life! The mall (every enterance), is guarded by at least one guard with a rifle.

I bought Graces mom Loreal lotion because thats what Mrs. Alfonso said would be a good idea. I am unsure of my decision now because she already has nice lotion in the bathroom